“Behavior is an exceptional mark by which all existence is judged, and the standard by which quality is measured.”
Thus Spake The 21st Century Philosopher & The Aristocrat

“Aristocracy is now an exceptional quality of character, mannerism and nobility arising from the highest moral and intelligent standard of human behavior, with the aim of becoming a perfect human being.”

          Somebody call the definition police and alert the lexicon society, for I have boldly taken the audacity to change the meaning of aristocracy and the qualification of being an aristocrat. Why should nobility be an exclusive trait of inheritance within the privilege of class? And why should wealth dictate moral status and govern the prestige and dignity of human character? As humans we are divinely endowed with free will. We live in the freest nation and in the most liberated culture on earth. Nothing is obstructing our own initiative to value our self-dignity, self-respect and self-esteem. Character can be cultivated by a determined will and passionate desire.

“Where there is a will there is a way.”

          This creative ideology of aristocracy is a construct of intelligent patterns of thought, behavior and lifestyle. If we think like an aristocrat; act like an aristocrat; dress like an aristocrat; communicate like an aristocrat and relate like an aristocrat our mannerism will soon conform our character and make us feel like an aristocrat. It is the aristocratic feeling that generates values of self-dignity, self-worth, self-respect and self-esteem – values that are more dynamic and longer lasting than any material values.

          Becoming an aristocrat was a psychological transformation for me. My study of the occult was quite intense and very extensive regarding spiritual alchemy. I was studious of the works and teachings of Aleister Crowley, George Gurdjieff, Peter Ouspensky, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Annie Besant and a host of other prominent occultists. I became indoctrinated on the powers of the human mind, particularly that of the subconscious mind. I was very deeply impressed when I fully comprehended the power of thought and the spiritual laws that influence its concrete manifestation. “We certainly become what we think if we can maintain our thought pattern; focus our will and desire upon our thought form and generate enough faith and patience to allow the process to manifest reality. I transformed my character into an aristocrat by programming my own patterns of thought and behavior. I remember distinctively when I decided to practice spiritual alchemy at the age of fifteen. I had just finished reading, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill. I was fascinated by Napoleon’s emphasis upon the power of pretending and the mirror ritual of looking into the mirror and imagining the image you want to become. I was starting 10th grade at the time. Cotton season was ending and I had picked enough cotton to buy myself a nice wardrobe of school clothes. When I started my ritual of imagery in the mirror I imagined wearing my Sunday clothes everyday as a trademark of my new image. This particular school year I didn’t buy any dungarees, banlon shirts or any of the clothes of popular fad. All of my money went strictly toward ties, dress shirts, dress pants, dress coats and dress shoes. My new image immediately demonstrated the power of appearance. The chanting of the word Aum repetitively was suppose to increase the vibrations of my energy field and generate a frequency of magnetism that would give me power of attraction. It didn’t take long for people in my town to recognize my distinct image, attire and pattern of behavior. I was shopping down town in Mclellan’s 5 & 10 when the manager approached me and offered me a job as a stock boy. I was shocked! I lived in a small town in Georgia where racial prejudice was horrible; white only water fountains, restrooms and restaurants were prevalent; white supremacy was open policy, and the Klu Kluk Klan were the authority of terror. There were only two other Negroes working in all of down town. The only jobs available for Negroes at that time were maids, pulp wood or field labor. I went from making $5 a day working 12 hours in the hot sun picking cotton to making $1 an hour working in an air conditioned building stocking the store with merchandise. Spiritual alchemy had definitely demonstrated its power of mind over matter. I was solicited to do odd jobs at the home of white people who shopped in the store where I worked. When I tried to convince my friends that I had actually sat at the table with an entire white family, said grace and ate dinner with them from the same set of plates, they all snarled of disbelief, called me an Oreo (a Negro with a white mind), and suggested that I find something more believable to exaggerate about. By character and behavior was leaping over racial barriers. I had become the image of power that I conjured in the mirror. My story of personal success throughout my high school years was as amazing as it was pleasurably rewarding. I was the class president my 10th, 11th, and 12th grade of high school. To this day my senior year of school was the most exciting, rewarding and sensational year of my entire life. I was the only 4 letterman my senior year. I made the starting team of all four sports. I won first prize in science at the state fair. I was voted best all around student; most likely to succeed; best dressed and most popular. I started the dress clothes trend at my school. And I was madly in love with my childhood sweetheart who had ignored and rejected me ever since 6th grade. She couldn’t resist the power of attraction that my character had developed. Prom night was a Cinderella fantasy – a night I’ll always cherish. I graduated and enlisted in the military. I continued my image and wore a shirt and tie my entire military term of duty. I even wore a shirt and tie on my off duty time in Vietnam. I have been wearing a shirt and tie or suit and tie religiously since 1963. Ask anyone who has known the Omega Man for 20 or more years have they ever seen me without wearing a suit and tie.
Becoming an aristocrat turned me into a conscious human being at a time in my life when I was struggling for self identity, and was actually ashamed to be a Negro. I can’t describe the feeling of looking into the mirror and seeing a human being before I saw a man with dark skin. Words and language are incompetent sometimes at interpreting the most intense feelings of spiritual being.
Becoming an aristocrat gave me the power to cast spells of color blindness upon white people who I knew for sure were KKK members, who hated Negros ferociously, yet caused me no harm.
          Becoming an aristocrat gave me the power to survive the thralls of poverty without becoming poor in health, body, mind, emotions and spirit.
And becoming an aristocrat exalted my status of consciousness to heights of awareness of the God within me (my soul) to the point that I was able to find the kingdom of heaven on earth, located inside my own mind.

          “Cheers to aristocracy becoming a choice of character and mark of behavior, rather than power of privilege and status of class.
          Cheers to aristocracy, which can be obtained by discipline, rather than exclusively by wealth.
And cheers to aristocracy for the aim of human perfection!”

Thus Spake The Aristocrat