The New Revolution - transforming the world by transforming ourselves and our own reality. A human revolution without ever stepping foot off of the porch! No Blood! No Bullets! No Bombs! No Battle! A dynamic revolution only armed with the power of Divine Love and the Desire, Discipline, and Determination to become a New and Complete Human Being.

The New Revolution takes place within – where the ego and the soul serenade each other into an Androgynous conspiracy of “Self-Love”!!! A romance orchestrated from heaven! Read More

I. Introduction

II. The Humanization of Ecointelnet

A. Introduction
B. Group Omega
C. The Omega Organization
D. The Newnited Continental Organization

III. The Philosophy of Nungkyyii

A. Introduction
B. Ashrams
C. Zen Centers
D. The Temple of Nung-Budo-Ky
E. The University of Nungkyyii
1. Exceptional Education
2. Dramatic Audio-Visual Experience
F. The Zodiac Project
G. The Omega Project
H. The Space Embassy
I. The Monastary
J. Concerned Parents Organization
K. Americus Homeschooling Association

IV. The Martial Arts of The Purple Dragons

A. Introduction
B. Martial Arts
1. Classes
2. Clubs
3. Dojos
4. Karate Krazy Kids
5. Karate-Robikz Centers
C. Pedagogue Society
D. Teachers Academy
E. Purple Dragons Hood

V. The Liberation of Nu-Feminism

A. Introduction
B. Nu-Feminism Organization Centers
C. Liberation Centers for Women
D. Outreach Centers for Women & Children
E. La Feminique Centers
F. The Sisterhood
G. Suicide Alert

VI. The Health Trend of War on Obesity

A. Introduction
B. The Omega Program
C. The Omega Diet
D. Karate-Robikz Centers
E. Summer Camps
F. WOB Headquarters

VII. The Music Alterative of Jazz Awareness

A. Introduction
B. Music Reforrmation
C. Music Schools
D. Jazz Awareness Movement
E. JAM Records and Recording Studios
F. JAM Music Tours and Performances
G. JAM Music Awards

VIII. The National Unification of Team America

A. Introduction
B. Team America Headquarters
C. Political Force
D. Rescue Mission
E. Homeless/Hunger Crusade
F. Literacy Drive
G. Health Care Clinics
H. Membership Drive

IX. The Dynamic Opportunities of The Youth Corp

A. Introduction
B. Youth Corp Organizational Structures
C. Youth Corp Centers
D. Youth Corp Camps
E. National Youth Corp Activities
F. Castle Farm Ranches
G. Teen Town USA

X. The Business Mergers of Omega Enterprises & Associates

A. Introduction
B. The Continental Banking System
C. Greater Construction
D. Omega Entertainment & Agency
1. Omega Films
2. Zodiac Park
3. Zodia Pictures
4. Bubble Gum Records
E. Omega Communications
1. Radio Stations
2. Telecommunications
3. Television Networks
F. Omega Gaming Resorts
G Omega Transportation
1. Airline
2. Trucking
3. Shipping
4. Automobiles
a. Manufacturing
b. New & Used Dealerships
H. Omega Energy
I. Omega Properties
J. Omega Goods & Services
K. Omega Foods
1. Organic Farms
2. Souper Kitchens Restaurants
3. Souper Sandwhich Fast Foods
L. Omega Sports