An Aquarian Conspiracy
Transforming Omega Point Without Marx or Jesus

As Earthlings we are at a critical stage of human evolution where the purpose, reason and meaning of being human elude us profoundly. Nature no longer takes sole responsibility of the evolutionary process of humanity. A greater portion of human evolution is now the yoke of burden upon the shoulders of humanity, as we rest at the mercy of intuitive consciousness, intelligent thought and moral behavior.
Here we are standing at the edge of the cliff of physical reality peering out upon the horizon with glimmering hopes and pessimistic visions of an uncertain future.
As we saturate our consciousness with possessions of the material world and desperately embrace such tangible values, we develop myopic vision and entertain distractions that generate a static and unconscious mode of human existence, where we have become emotionally revolving specie rather than specie of evolving consciousness.

Human intellect and free will have guided humanity into a cul de sac of reason where the privileges of power, plenty and pleasure are being cherished as rational components of human reality. Human nature is trapped in the thralldoms of human deprivation and dehumanization. The intelligentsia of humanity is comatose by voluntary ignorance and incarcerated in an asylum of security, comfort and contentment that bears no walls, no doors and no restrictions whatsoever, in which they have absolutely no plan, desire or intentions of escaping. And the remainder of humanity is plagued by involuntary ignorance, under depriving conditions, and dehumanizing circumstances that have made them mentally disturbed barbarians at the gate. Thus describes the perilous human predicament as the wrath of Nature; the cataclysm of planet Earth; the fall of civilization; the consequences of human karma descend upon humanity as we crowd the edge of the cliff counting the precious time frames of our human fate.

Will we remain unconscious aboard the Titanic of civilization and eat, drink and dance merrily to the music of human demise? Will we leap to our death frantically in a tragic human spectacle of mass suicide? Or will we take a dauntless leap of intuition upon the wings of human faith, lifting us from the cliff of physical reality with wholehearted intensions of landing on the shores of spiritual reality – covering a enormous gap between the physical world and the spiritual world that we can’t possibly afford to wait for a bridge of knowledge and understanding to be built. It is imperative that we chartered the frontier of the spiritual world immediately and truly discover God and the human soul before human extinction come knocking on our door.

Present day humanity is too cemented in its old paradigm patterns of thought, behavior and ways of living. Its physical reality, material values and hedonistic lifestyles are too rewardingly meaningful to be sacrificed for the sake of human survival. The greater majority of humans would rather die than sacrifice their material possessions and narcissistic realities that they have worked so very hard to achieve.
The intuitive leap to a spiritual world of human salvation will not only require an expression of absolute faith, but it will also adamantly demand strict detachment from all mundane reality – a form of spiritual purification in preparation to enter the world of the spirit. Spiritual transformation or spiritual rebirth is an absolute must in making the transition from a physical reality to a spiritual reality; a human transformation that only a deserving few will develop the strength and capability to accomplish.

Old humanity is too incompetent to make a spiritual transformation. Its traditions and values won’t fit through the eye of the needle of spirituality. Old humanity has sentenced its own demise of self-destruction by refusing to obey the laws of Nature; embrace the changes of modernity; evolve in synchronicity with the Will of God.

Human destiny has already ordered a new humanity – an evolutionary process of genetic architecture that will reach a zenith of human development never recorded by human history. Such divine engineering will be accomplished by redesigning the character of individuality. In other words, the Omnipotent; Supreme Architect; the Infinite Mind of Intelligence, or God is preparing to give birth to a new human – Homo Novus.

The Omega Project is a monumental enterprise of human grandiosity. Its ideal encompasses an amalgamation of visionary ideas of extraordinary thinkers of yesterday and today. It is a dynamic catalyst of human evolution that will mushroom human consciousness to heights that will envelop the planet and crystallize as a species- wide development of spiritual enlightenment, which Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called – “Omega Point.” It is a planetary polarity of cosmic magnetism (universal love) that will attract the greatest minds and souls on earth, who share transcendent visions of the future of human destiny; humans who are drawn together by an invisible force of leadership, which Marilyn Ferguson calls – “The Aquarian Conspiracy.” It is the impregnation of humanity with an embryo of super humanism that will give birth to a new human being, which Jean Francois Revel called – “Homo Novus.” And The Omega Project will also introduce a youth driven culture where new ideas will satisfy the hunger for change that will exist so inherently in a youthful tradition permeated by the progressive tendencies of modernity, to such an extent that old ideologies of material permanency, irresponsible retirement, selfish leisure, and unproductive entertainment will find no cultivation whatsoever! Margaret Mead called this dynamic and futuristic culture – “Prefigurative.”

The Omega Project was initiated in November of 1969, under the tutelage of my spiritual teacher Master Zhyrron. The project expands an entire century, from the year 1969 to the year 2069. Such a great length of time is extremely necessary. Its schedule of development is in direct accordance with the transformations of civilization; culture; society; the brain/mind, and particularly human consciousness. For a human revolution to manifest bloodlessly it must follow conditions and circumstances generated by the law of necessity. In other words, humanity must reach dire need for the particular changes that the revolution will manifest. The manifestation of The Omega Project is in divine synchronization with the decadent fall of civilization.

A new civilization of “Pre-figurative” culture awaits its embryonic state to be born and nurtured amidst the cataclysmic destruction of our old civilization.
The Omega Project is divided into three major segments of humanism and six major sites of construction.


  1. A spiritual movement of human transformation.
  2. A futuristic model or paradigm of a utopian civilization.
  3. A master plan of human survival.


  1. Galactic Starship Omega
  2. The Sirion Space Embassy
  3. Zodiac City
  4. The University of Nungkyyii
  5. The Zen Monastery of Nung-Budo-Ky
  6. The Purple Dragons Teachers Academy

The Omega Project could very well manifest into the greatest human revolution ever to achieve transformations of intuitive consciousness, intelligent thought, righteous behavior, and spiritual culture, for the creation of a new and “Super Humanity,” all accomplished without the sacrifice of a single drop of blood; without a bullet ever being fired; without a bomb ever being detonated, or without a battle ever taking place or action.

In the words of the late great French political writer and author of the book, “Without Marx or Jesus,” “I predict the emergence of “Homo Novus,” a new human being transforming from an undercurrent of spiritual concerns taking dynamic action in the only country on the planet free enough to execute a global change of bloodless revolution.” The United States of America, of course!

The Omega Project is indeed an Aquarian Conspiracy transforming Omega Point in the greatest revolution in human history, in the greatest nation on earth!”
Thus Spake The Omega Man